Teaching Statement and Evaluations

  • My Teaching Statement is available here and includes a link to the full text of student evaluations. Since Fall 2019 I have been teaching undergraduate and Master’s-level classes at the University of Poitiers in data analysis (in French), digital humanities, political science on the US and UK, and applied translation.

Graduate level

  • Spring 2018: University of Geneva, Short course on Machine Learning for the Social Sciences

  • Spring 2016: CUNY-Baruch College: Big Data in Finance (with Andrew Sheppard) Master’s Program in Financial Engineering (materials here)

  • Fall 2013: NYU: Quantitative Methods I (PhD-level Statistics & Econometrics; with Patrick Egan)

Undergraduate level

  • Spring 2014: NYU: Power and Politics in America (American Politics; with Chris Dawes)

  • Fall 2012-Spring 2013: NYU: IR Senior Seminar (with Peter Rosendorff)